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Product Plan and Pricing

EMQX Cloud is a comprehensive, fully-managed MQTT messaging cloud service that seamlessly connects your IoT devices to any cloud without the hassle of infrastructure maintenance. With a client base of over 200 global enterprise users, it is a trusted and reliable solution that provides a high-availability MQTT service, fully managed by our team of expert professionals.

EMQX Cloud can be quickly and easily deployed in just a few minutes. With support for 17 different regions across AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, it's an ideal choice for running your MQTT services globally.

To better serve our users, whether you are individual developers or global industry leaders, EMQX Cloud offers three distinct product plans:

  1. Serverless Plan: Provide MQTT services on a secure and scalable cluster that is charged based on usage. The service is entirely free for usage within the free quota, and supports up to 1000 concurrent connections.

  2. Dedicated Plan: Provide MQTT services on a dedicated EMQX cluster and comes in distinct service plans:

    a. Dedicated Plan (Standard): Ideal for implementing MQTT services that require regular or typical throughput and concurrency scenarios in an independent setting.

    b. Dedicated Plan (Professional): Provide a high-availability cluster that's designed for implementing MQTT services in production environments. It comes packed with advanced features, including real-time data processing, data persistence, message distribution, and VPC peer-to-peer connections (private networks).

  3. BYOC: Bring your own cloud. Seamlessly integrate the EMQX MQTT server with your existing systems. Keep your data secure in your own cloud and manage it with EMQ's expertise.

For the detailed feature list and billing mode of different product plans, you can click the titles below for more information.

Product Plans

EMQX Cloud provides a range of flexible product plans to meet the needs of our diverse user base, from individual developers to global industry leaders. Our three distinct plans include the Serverless Plan, Dedicated Plan, and Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) Plan.


EMQX Cloud has offered flexible product plans and pricing options, so you can easily scale up or down as your needs change, without any hidden costs or fees.