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Business Related Questions

What is EMQX ?

EMQX (Erlang/Enterprise/Elastic MQTT Broker) is an open source IoT MQTT server developed on the Erlang/OTP platform.

What is EMQX Cloud?

EMQX Cloud is the EMQX online SaaS provided by the EMQ team.

Over the past few years EMQ has provided mature MQTT middleware and IoT platform related support services to customers, during which we have accumulated rich practical experience in IoT platform design, operation, and maintenance management. Based on this, we have launched EMQX Cloud: a public cloud service for IoT platforms, providing EMQX access platform services with one-stop O&M escrow and a unique isolated environment.

EMQX Cloud provides secure and reliable bi-directional communication between applications and devices, supporting massive device connectivity in large clusters while providing other value-added capabilities such as device management, rules engine, data persistence, and Kafka data bridging, covering various IoT application scenarios and retaining the ability to customize and expand.

What is the relation between EMQX Cloud and EMQX Enterprise?

EMQX Cloud is an EMQX Enterprise cluster hosted by EMQ. Customers can scale based on their demands.

Which platforms does EMQX Cloud support?

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform.