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Deployment API

This section introduces the EMQX Deployment API functionalities and how to create and manage the Deployment API key for secure access control.

API Function

EMQX Deployment API manages the functionalities at the deployment level, such as client monitoring, message publishing, authentication, authorization, and so on.

APIDeployment TypeDescription
Serverless deployment APIServerless deploymentManaging operations for client, subscription, and message publishing in Serverless deployments.
Dedicated deployment APIv5 Dedicated deploymentManaging various operations in v5 Dedicated deployment. If you need to access the v4 Deployment API, see v4 API.

Create and Manage Deployment API Key

Deployment API Keys provide access management at the deployment level.

To create and manage deployment API Keys, log in to the EMQX Platform and Create a Deployment. Then, go to the Deployment overview page, where you can create and manage Deployment API Keys.