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View and Edit Your Billing Information

You can view and update your billing information on the Billing Overview page. Go to the Cloud Console and select Billing -> Overview from the top menu.

View Billing Information

On the top right area of the Overview page, you can see Payment Info.

  • If you haven't added a card, click + Add to add a new card.
  • If you have added a card, your card information will be displayed in the block including card last four numbers, expire date, and when the card had been added.
  • Click Change Info to update card information.
  • Click Got a problem? if you have any issues in updating card information. You can contact us through the Tickets in the top menu or by emailing us.

Add or Update Billing Information

On the Edit Payment Method pop-up dialogue, fill the required fields. The following table provides instructions on how to fill each field.

CountryRequiredSelect the country for your billing address. You can also start typing the name of the country and then select it from the filtered list of countries.
Company NameRequiredType the company name for the invoice.
EmailRequiredType the email for the invoice.
AddressRequiredType the mailing address for your billing address.
CityRequiredType the name of the city for your billing address.
State/Province/RegionRequiredType the political subdivision in which your billing address exists.
ZIP or Postal CodeRequiredType the ZIP (U.S.) or Postal Code (other countries) for your billing address. If your billing country is United States or Canada, the ZIP will be verified.
VAT/GST IDConditional The form displays the VAT/GST ID field if you select a country other than the United States. If your company's billing address is in a country other than the United States (USA), EMQX typically charges VAT if you do not enter a valid VAT ID number on your billing information.
- If your billing address is in Germany, EMQX always charges VAT, even with a valid VAT ID number.
- To learn more about VAT/GST, see Taxation by Region.
EINConditional If your company's billing address is located in the USA, you can choose to enter the EIN or not.

After you complete the setting, click Next to add or update the card information.

Edit or Update Credit Card Information

Fill the required fields according to the instructions in the table below.

Name on CardRequiredType the name that appears on your credit card.
Card NumberRequiredType the 16-digit number that appears on your credit card. American Express uses a 15-digit number.


To confirm your credit card information, EMQX Cloud charges $1.00 when you first link a credit card to your account. After EMQX Cloud confirms your information, it refunds the $1.00 charge. If you encounter any issues with linking a credit card to your account, reach out to your card provider or banking institution to verify whether they declined the initial charge, which would prevent EMQX Cloud from confirming your information.

After you complete the setting, you can:

  • Click Submit to submit your changes, or click Cancel to dismiss your changes;
  • Click Previous to go back to edit your information again.

US Bank Account

If your billing address is located in the USA, you can choose either Credit Card or US Bank Account as your payment method.

To enable US Bank Account, click the Bank Account tab, then enter the bank's name in the search bar to choose the preferred bank to link. The pop-up window will take you to the bank verification system provided by the bank to authorize the linkage.


  • Only one payment method can be chosen at the same time.
  • US bank account transactions require a significant amount of time for processing. It may take anywhere from 4 to 7 business days to receive confirmation regarding the success or failure of a payment.