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Prometheus Monitoring Alerts


This feature is available on Dedicated Plan and BYOC Plan.

The Prometheus API is available in the EMQX Cloud and can be used to easily monitor critical metrics. In this article we will explain how to configure the Prometheus service, access to critical metrics from the EMQX Cloud API, and how to view metrics using Grafana.

API Configuration

Go to EMQX Cloud Deployment Console, find Overview-REST API, get the API address, click on New Application, get the APP ID and APP Secret.


Request Example

curl -u app_id:app_secret -X GET {api}/emqx_prometheus?type=prometheus

Response Example

# TYPE emqx_vm_run_queue gauge
emqx_vm_run_queue 2
# TYPE emqx_vm_process_messages_in_queues gauge
emqx_vm_process_messages_in_queues 0
# TYPE emqx_vm_cpu_use gauge
emqx_vm_cpu_use 1
# TYPE emqx_vm_cpu_idle gauge
emqx_vm_cpu_idle 198
# TYPE emqx_vm_used_memory gauge
emqx_vm_used_memory 2100293632
# TYPE emqx_vm_total_memory gauge
emqx_vm_total_memory 8065474560
# TYPE emqx_messages_qos1_received counter
emqx_messages_qos1_received 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_dropped_expired counter
emqx_messages_dropped_expired 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_dropped counter
emqx_messages_dropped 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_qos1_sent counter
emqx_messages_qos1_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_qos0_received counter
emqx_messages_qos0_received 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_received counter
emqx_messages_received 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_acked counter
emqx_messages_acked 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_publish counter
emqx_messages_publish 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_delivered counter
emqx_messages_delivered 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_sent counter
emqx_messages_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_qos0_sent counter
emqx_messages_qos0_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_qos2_received counter
emqx_messages_qos2_received 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_retained counter
emqx_messages_retained 660
# TYPE emqx_messages_qos2_sent counter
emqx_messages_qos2_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_forward counter
emqx_messages_forward 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_delayed counter
emqx_messages_delayed 0
# TYPE emqx_messages_dropped_no_subscribers counter
emqx_messages_dropped_no_subscribers 0
# TYPE emqx_delivery_dropped counter
emqx_delivery_dropped 0
# TYPE emqx_delivery_dropped_too_large counter
emqx_delivery_dropped_too_large 0
# TYPE emqx_delivery_dropped_queue_full counter
emqx_delivery_dropped_queue_full 0
# TYPE emqx_delivery_dropped_qos0_msg counter
emqx_delivery_dropped_qos0_msg 0
# TYPE emqx_delivery_dropped_no_local counter
emqx_delivery_dropped_no_local 0
# TYPE emqx_delivery_dropped_expired counter
emqx_delivery_dropped_expired 0
# TYPE emqx_client_auth_anonymous counter
emqx_client_auth_anonymous 0
# TYPE emqx_client_unsubscribe counter
emqx_client_unsubscribe 0
# TYPE emqx_client_subscribe counter
emqx_client_subscribe 0
# TYPE emqx_client_disconnected counter
emqx_client_disconnected 0
# TYPE emqx_client_connected counter
emqx_client_connected 0
# TYPE emqx_client_check_acl counter
emqx_client_check_acl 0
# TYPE emqx_client_authenticate counter
emqx_client_authenticate 0
# TYPE emqx_cluster_nodes_stopped gauge
emqx_cluster_nodes_stopped 0
# TYPE emqx_cluster_nodes_running gauge
emqx_cluster_nodes_running 2
# TYPE emqx_suboptions_max gauge
emqx_suboptions_max 0
# TYPE emqx_subscriptions_shared_max gauge
emqx_subscriptions_shared_max 0
# TYPE emqx_subscribers_max gauge
emqx_subscribers_max 0
# TYPE emqx_retained_count gauge
emqx_retained_count 10
# TYPE emqx_sessions_max gauge
emqx_sessions_max 0
# TYPE emqx_routes_max gauge
emqx_routes_max 0
# TYPE emqx_topics_max gauge
emqx_topics_max 0
# TYPE emqx_connections_max gauge
emqx_connections_max 0
# TYPE emqx_subscribers_count gauge
emqx_subscribers_count 0
# TYPE emqx_retained_max gauge
emqx_retained_max 10
# TYPE emqx_subscriptions_count gauge
emqx_subscriptions_count 0
# TYPE emqx_subscriptions_shared_count gauge
emqx_subscriptions_shared_count 0
# TYPE emqx_suboptions_count gauge
emqx_suboptions_count 0
# TYPE emqx_routes_count gauge
emqx_routes_count 0
# TYPE emqx_topics_count gauge
emqx_topics_count 0
# TYPE emqx_sessions_count gauge
emqx_sessions_count 0
# TYPE emqx_connections_count gauge
emqx_connections_count 0
# TYPE emqx_subscriptions_max gauge
emqx_subscriptions_max 0
# TYPE emqx_session_discarded counter
emqx_session_discarded 0
# TYPE emqx_session_created counter
emqx_session_created 0
# TYPE emqx_session_terminated counter
emqx_session_terminated 0
# TYPE emqx_session_takeovered counter
emqx_session_takeovered 0
# TYPE emqx_session_resumed counter
emqx_session_resumed 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pubrec_missed counter
emqx_packets_pubrec_missed 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pubrel_received counter
emqx_packets_pubrel_received 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_auth_received counter
emqx_packets_auth_received 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pingresp_sent counter
emqx_packets_pingresp_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_publish_auth_error counter
emqx_packets_publish_auth_error 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_disconnect_received counter
emqx_packets_disconnect_received 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_sent counter
emqx_packets_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_puback_received counter
emqx_packets_puback_received 0
# TYPE emqx_bytes_sent counter
emqx_bytes_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pubcomp_missed counter
emqx_packets_pubcomp_missed 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pubrel_missed counter
emqx_packets_pubrel_missed 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pubrec_inuse counter
emqx_packets_pubrec_inuse 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pubcomp_sent counter
emqx_packets_pubcomp_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_auth_sent counter
emqx_packets_auth_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pubcomp_inuse counter
emqx_packets_pubcomp_inuse 0
# TYPE emqx_bytes_received counter
emqx_bytes_received 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_publish_inuse counter
emqx_packets_publish_inuse 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pubrec_received counter
emqx_packets_pubrec_received 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pingreq_received counter
emqx_packets_pingreq_received 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_suback_sent counter
emqx_packets_suback_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_publish_error counter
emqx_packets_publish_error 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_disconnect_sent counter
emqx_packets_disconnect_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_publish_received counter
emqx_packets_publish_received 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_received counter
emqx_packets_received 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_puback_missed counter
emqx_packets_puback_missed 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_puback_sent counter
emqx_packets_puback_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_publish_dropped counter
emqx_packets_publish_dropped 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pubrec_sent counter
emqx_packets_pubrec_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pubrel_sent counter
emqx_packets_pubrel_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_connack_auth_error counter
emqx_packets_connack_auth_error 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_subscribe_error counter
emqx_packets_subscribe_error 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_publish_sent counter
emqx_packets_publish_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_connect counter
emqx_packets_connect 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_puback_inuse counter
emqx_packets_puback_inuse 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_connack_sent counter
emqx_packets_connack_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_unsuback_sent counter
emqx_packets_unsuback_sent 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_pubcomp_received counter
emqx_packets_pubcomp_received 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_subscribe_auth_error counter
emqx_packets_subscribe_auth_error 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_unsubscribe_error counter
emqx_packets_unsubscribe_error 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_unsubscribe_received counter
emqx_packets_unsubscribe_received 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_connack_error counter
emqx_packets_connack_error 0
# TYPE emqx_packets_subscribe_received counter
emqx_packets_subscribe_received 0

Prometheus Configuration

  1. Install Prometheus

    wget -c
    tar xvfz prometheus-*.tar.gz
  2. Modify configuration file

    Go to the monitoring directory specified for your Prometheus service and modify the scrape_configs section of the configuration file prometheus.yml as shown in the example below.

      - job_name: 'emqx'
        scheme: 'https'
          - targets: [ 'xxxx:8443' ]
        metrics_path: "/api/emqx_prometheus"
          type: [ "prometheus" ]
          username: 'APP ID'
          password: 'APP Secret'
  3. Launch and check service status

    Launch Prometheus

    ./prometheus --config.file=prometheus.yml

    Access your Prometheus service via your local IP with the corresponding port, e.g. x.x.x.x:9090 and check Status-Targets to confirm that the new scrape_config file has been read. If the status shows an exception, you may need to check the configuration file and restart the Prometheus service.


Grafana Configuration

  1. Install and launch Grafana

     tar -zxvf grafana-enterprise-8.4.6.linux-amd64.tar.gz
  2. Configure Grafana

    Access Grafana dashboard via the local IP + the corresponding port, e.g. x.x.x.x:3000. The initial ID and password are admin. You can change the password when logging in for the first time.


  3. Import Grafana Data Templates

    EMQX Cloud provides template files for Grafana Dashboard. These templates contain a display of all EMQX Cloud monitoring data. Users can import them directly into Grafana to display EMQX monitoring status icons.

    Access to the template :emqx_prometheus/grafana_template/EMQ.json,The EMQ.json file can be uploaded locally via Upload JSON file, or written manually via the import panel json.


Metrics Details

After the system has been set up and running for a while, the data collected by EMQX Cloud Prometheus will be displayed on Grafana, including the number of clients, subscriptions, topics, messages, messages and other business information history statistics. You can view the corresponding display charts for each metric, and detailed information at a certain point in time.


Prometheus tracks the following metrics data for your EMQX Cloud deployment:

emqx_vm_used_memorygaugeMemory occupied by the VM
emqx_vm_total_memorygaugeTotal memory opened by the VM
emqx_vm_run_queuegaugeRunQueue size
emqx_vm_process_messages_in_queuesgaugeTotal number of message blocks
emqx_vm_cpu_usegaugeNumber of CPUs occupied
emqx_vm_cpu_idlegaugeCPU idle
emqx_topics_maxgaugeMaximum number of topics in history
emqx_topics_countgaugeNumber of current topics
emqx_subscriptions_shared_maxgaugeHistorical maximum shared subscriptions
emqx_subscriptions_shared_countgaugeCurrent Shared Subscriptions
emqx_subscriptions_maxgaugeHistorical maximum number of subscription relationships
emqx_subscriptions_countgaugeCurrent number of subscription relationships
emqx_subscribers_maxgaugeHistorical maximum number of subscribers
emqx_subscribers_countgaugeCurrent number of subscribers
emqx_suboptions_maxgaugeHistorical maximum number of subscription configuration items
emqx_suboptions_countgaugeHistorical maximum number of subscription configuration items
emqx_sessions_maxgaugeHistorical maximum number of sessions
emqx_sessions_countgaugeNumber of current sessions
emqx_session_terminatedcounterSessions terminated
emqx_session_takeoveredcounterSessions taken over
emqx_session_resumedcounterSession reactivated
emqx_session_discardedcounterSessions discarded
emqx_session_createdcounterSessions created
emqx_routes_maxgaugeHistorical maximum number of routes
emqx_routes_countgaugeCurrent number of routes
emqx_retained_maxgaugeHistorical maximum number of reserved messages
emqx_retained_countgaugeNumber of current hold messages
emqx_packets_unsubscribe_receivedcounterNumber of UNSUB messages received
emqx_packets_unsubscribe_errorcounterNumber of UNSUB messages rejected
emqx_packets_unsuback_sentcounterNumber of UNSUBACK messages sent
emqx_packets_subscribe_receivedcounterNumber of SUB messages received
emqx_packets_subscribe_errorcounterRejected SUB messages
emqx_packets_subscribe_auth_errorcounterNumber of SUB messages rejected (ACL check failed)
emqx_packets_suback_sentcounterNumber of SUBACK messages sent
emqx_packets_sentcounterNumber of messages sent
emqx_packets_receivedcounterReceived messages
emqx_packets_pubrel_sentcounterNumber of PUBREL messages sent
emqx_packets_pubrel_receivedcounterNumber of PUBREL messages received
emqx_packets_pubrel_missedcounterNumber of PUBREL messages rejected (PacketId not found)
emqx_packets_pubrec_sentcounterNumber of PUBREC messages sent
emqx_packets_pubrec_receivedcounterNumber of PUBREC messages received
emqx_packets_pubrec_missedcounterNumber of PUBREC messages rejected (PacketId not found)
emqx_packets_pubrec_inusecounterNumber of PUBREC messages rejected (PacketId occupied)
emqx_packets_publish_sentcounterNumber of PUB messages sent
emqx_packets_publish_receivedcounterNumber of PUB messages received
emqx_packets_publish_inusecounterNumber of rejected PUB messages (PacketId occupied)
emqx_packets_publish_errorcounterNumber of incorrect PUB messages
emqx_packets_publish_droppedcounterNumber of PUB messages discarded
emqx_packets_publish_auth_errorcounterNumber of PUB messages rejected (ACL check failed)
emqx_packets_pubcomp_sentcounterNumber of PUBCOMP messages sent
emqx_packets_pubcomp_receivedcounterNumber of PUBCOMP messages received
emqx_packets_pubcomp_missedcounterNumber of PUBCOMP messages rejected (PacketId not found)
emqx_packets_pubcomp_inusecounterNumber of PUBCOMP messages rejected (PacketId occupied)
emqx_packets_puback_sentcounterNumber of PUBACK messages sent
emqx_packets_puback_receivedcounterNumber of PUBACK messages received
emqx_packets_puback_missedcounterNumber of PUBACK messages rejected (PacketId not found)
emqx_packets_puback_inusecounterNumber of PUBACK messages rejected (PacketId occupied)
emqx_packets_pingresp_sentcounterNumber of PONG messages sent
emqx_packets_pingreq_receivedcounterNumber of PING messages received
emqx_packets_disconnect_sentcounterNumber of disconnect messages sent
emqx_packets_disconnect_receivedcounterNumber of disconnect messages received
emqx_packets_connectcounterNumber of connection messages received
emqx_packets_connack_sentcounterNumber of connection confirmation messages sent
emqx_packets_connack_errorcounterNumber of connection failure messages sent
emqx_packets_connack_auth_errorcounterNumber of failed connection authentication messages sent
emqx_packets_auth_sentcounterNumber of authentication messages sent
emqx_packets_auth_receivedcounterNumber of authentication messages received
emqx_messages_sentcounterTotal number of messages sent
emqx_messages_retainedcounterTotal number of messages stored as reserved messages
emqx_messages_receivedcounterTotal number of messages received
emqx_messages_qos2_sentcounterTotal number of QoS2 messages sent
emqx_messages_qos2_receivedcounterTotal number of QoS2 messages received
emqx_messages_qos1_sentcounterTotal number of QoS1 messages sent
emqx_messages_qos1_receivedcounterTotal number of QoS1 messages received
emqx_messages_qos0_sentcounterTotal number of QoS0 messages sent
emqx_messages_qos0_receivedcounterTotal number of QoS0 messages received
emqx_messages_publishcounterTotal number of messages initiated and released
emqx_messages_forwardcounterTotal number of messages forwarded across nodes
emqx_messages_dropped_no_subscriberscounterTotal number of non-subscriber messages discarded
emqx_messages_dropped_expiredcounterTotal number of expired messages discarded
emqx_messages_droppedcounterMessages Discarded
emqx_messages_deliveredcounterMessages Delivered
emqx_messages_delayedcounterTotal number of messages deposited as delayed
emqx_messages_ackedcounterMessages received back
emqx_delivery_dropped_too_largecounterNumber of discards for messages delivered too large
emqx_delivery_dropped_queue_fullcounterMessage Delivery Queue Full Discards
emqx_delivery_dropped_qos0_msgcounterMessage delivered QoS0 Number of discards
emqx_delivery_dropped_no_localcounterNumber of message delivery no_local discards
emqx_delivery_dropped_expiredcounterMessage delivery overdue discards
emqx_delivery_droppedcounterMessage delivery discards
emqx_connections_maxgaugeHistorical maximum number of connections
emqx_connections_countgaugeCurrent connections
emqx_cluster_nodes_stoppedgaugeNumber of stopped nodes in the cluster
emqx_cluster_nodes_runninggaugeNumber of running nodes in the cluster
emqx_client_unsubscribecounterClient unsubscribes
emqx_client_subscribecounterClient initiated subscriptions
emqx_client_disconnectedcounterClients offline
emqx_client_connectedcounterClients are online
emqx_client_check_aclcounterClient initiated ACL request
emqx_client_authenticatecounterClient initiates authentication
emqx_client_auth_anonymouscounterLogin as anonymous client
emqx_bytes_sentcounterTotal number of bytes sent
emqx_bytes_receivedcounterTotal bytes received