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Project Management

Projects provide the capability for multiple organizations or departments within a company to use and manage MQTT clusters independently, allowing for more detailed management of the platform's capabilities by assigning different roles. Based on projects, each organization or department can manage its own MQTT cluster independently and account for it separately. Under the multi-project mechanism, deployments must be established under a project, and a deployment can only belong to one project.

Project List

Click Deployments in the top menu bar to enter the page, where you can see the project list on the left side of the page.


Create a Project

Click New Project. Enter the project name and note in the pop-up, then click Confirm to create a new project.


Create a Deployment under a Project

Select a project on the left, you can create a deployment under the selected project.


Move Deployment to Another Project

  1. Click the menu in the top right corner of the deployment, and select Move to.


  1. From the Choose Project dropdown, select the target project.


  1. After clicking Confirm, the deployment can be moved to the target project.

Update a Project

Select a project, click the edit button in the top right corner, and you can update the project name and description.


Delete a Project

Please ensure there are no deployments under the project before deleting it.

Select a project, and click the delete button in the top right corner.


  1. Select a project, click the Authorization button in the top right corner, you can set subaccounts for this project.


  2. In the Authorization dialog, click Add to enter subaccounts and select roles for the subaccounts.


  3. Click Confirm to add the subaccount, or you can continue to add more subaccounts.